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Marceau Sophie Marceau information? Marceau Sword Three

  • Marceau Sophie Marceau information? Marceau Sword Three
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descriptionHelloeveryone,todaytheeditorhaspaidattentiontoamoreinterestingtopic,whichisthequestionaboutMarceau,s ...

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about Marceau, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce Marceau, let us see it together see. Sophie Marceau information? Sophie Marceau information? Sophie Marceau, born on November 17, 1966 in Paris, France, is a French actress. In 1980, he starred in the youth romance film "First Kiss: 1" and became a child actor. In 1982, he won the French Caesar Award for Best Newcomer for his acting skills in the youth romance film "First Kiss: 2". In 1985, starred in the movie "Wild Love" directed by Zuraski. In 1986, starred in the suspense movie "Down into Hell". In 1988, the starring romance film "The Feeling of Heartbeat" was released. In 1989, starred in the love movie "My night is more beautiful than your day". In 1991, starred in the music romance "Blue Movement". In 1993, he starred in the romantic movie "Fang Fang", which gradually became popular in the 1990s. In 1995, the starring biographical film "Brave Heart" was released. In 1996, the semi-autobiographical novel "The Lying Woman" was published in France. In 1997, starred in the love movie "Anna Karenina". In 1999, starred in the action-adventure movie "007: Black Sun Crisis". In 2000, starred in the drama "loyalty." In 2001, starring in the fantasy suspense thriller "The Phantom of the Louvre". In 2002, as a director, he wrote and directed the feature film "When Love Becomes a Habit", which won the Best Director Award at the 26th Montreal Film Festival. In 2003, starred in the romantic comedy "I decided to stay." In 2005, starred in the love thriller "Escape". In 2007, he wrote, directed and acted in the suspense movie "Phantom Chase". In 2008, the starring war movie "Super Female Agent" was released. In 2009, he cooperated with Monica Bellucci and starred in the double heroine movie "Don't Look Back". In 2012, starred in the romantic comedy "Encounter Happiness". In 2014, he was on the stage of China Central Television's Year of the Horse Spring Festival Gala. In 2021, starred in the movie "Turandot" starring Guan Xiaotong. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Marceau. I hope that the 1-point answer about Marceau will be useful to everyone.

Marceau Sophie Marceau information? Marceau Sword Three