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Love French Movies Uncensored Full Version, Love French Movies Plot Analysis? , Introduction to the Story of Love French Movie

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the uncensored full version of Love France Movie, so the editor has compiled a related introduction about Love Let's take a look at the answer to the uncensored full version of French movies. Love French film plot analysis? Love French film plot analysis? The story happened in Saigon, Vietnam in 1929. At that time, Vietnam was a French colony, so there were many French people there. 15-year-old French girl Jane (Jane March) lives there with her mother and two brothers. Jane's mother opened a small school with meager income; Jane's eldest brother is a domineering drug addict, and her second brother is a cowardly and deceitful crybaby. To make matters worse, the mother is partial to the elder brother. Jane attended an all-girls boarding school in Saigon and returned home every holiday. One day, after saying goodbye to her mother as usual, she boarded the ferry back to school. At that time, Jane wore cheap and special clothes, but she exuded the unique beauty, vitality and uninhibitedness of girls all over her body. This deeply attracted the Chinese rich and young Tony (Liang Jiahui) who was sitting in a black luxury car waiting for the ferry. Tony accosts Jane. Tony got out of the car and approached Jane to strike up a conversation with her. Facing this beautiful young Caucasian girl, Tony seemed nervous and embarrassed. After the two disembarked, Jane agreed with Tony to send her back to school. The two continued to observe and test each other in the car. Of course Jane saw the huge gemstone ring on Tony's hand. The two began to test each other in the car. In fact, Jane knows that some of her female classmates are "selling" outside, and her life is too embarrassing, so she can accept that she can find a rich man. And Tony, the only son of a young Chinese rich businessman, is the most suitable candidate. Tony took Jane for a walk in Saigon and had dinner together. Jane agrees to be Tony's lover. Tony took Jane to the apartment in the bustling streets of Saigon, where Tony's golden house hides his beauty. The two of them dated, talked, played, bathed, had sex in the apartment - they were both obsessed with lust. Because Jane sometimes does not go back to school at night, her classmates know that she has found a Chinese man as a lover, and they disdain her. For this reason, the school notified Jane's mother. But Jane's mother needs money too much. After she got the money from Tony, she acquiesced in her daughter's behavior and asked the school to give Jane freedom. But Jane's eldest brother was furious when he knew about his sister's behavior. Tony invited Jane's family to a luxurious restaurant for dinner. But Jane and Jane's family didn't talk to Tony during the meal, they just wentbbled it up. Although she looked down on the rich Chinese in front of her, Jane's mother's eyes were straightened when she saw the stack of banknotes that Tony took out when paying the fee. Tony, who was underestimated, was very angry, and tortured Jane vigorously after returning to the apartment, but the two fell into annoyance afterward. Long time love. Tony developed love for Jane, and although Jane always said that she didn't love Chinese people, she still had a special affection for Tony in her heart. Tony proposed to his father to marry Jane. His father flatly refused and threatened to kick him out of the house if he wanted to marry a foreign woman. Tony would be nothing without the support of his family and his father. Knowing this, the disheartened Tony broke up with Jane, and followed his father's arrangement to marry a well-matched woman. Jane and her mother are going back to France. Before leaving, she came to the previous apartment, but it was empty, and the Chinese "lover" finally became a memory, and Jane felt infinitely desolate. This is the end of the introduction, I hope that the 1-point answer about the full version of Love France Movie Uncensored is useful to everyone.

Love French Movies Uncensored Full Version, Love French Movies Plot Analysis? , Introduction to the Story of Love French Movie