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How to write a website planning book and how to write a website design plan? , How to write a website planning book Fan Wen

  • How to write a website planning book and how to write a website design plan? , How to write a website planning book Fan Wen
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  • 2023-12-03 13:12:48
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description**Helloeveryone,todaytheeditorhaspaidattentiontoamoreinterestingtopic,whichishowtowriteawebsiteplann ...

** Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is how to write a website planning book, so the editor has compiled 2 related introductions to the website planning book How to write the answer, let us see together. How to write a website design plan? Website construction planning suggestions? How to write a website design plan? The content of the website planning book is as follows: 1. Market analysis before building the website 1. What is the market of the relevant industry, what are the characteristics of the market, and whether the company's business can be carried out on the Internet. 2. Analysis of the main competitors in the market, competitors' Internet access and their website planning and functions. 3. Analysis of the company's own conditions, company profile, market advantages, what competitiveness can be enhanced by using the website, and the ability to build the website (cost, technology, manpower, etc.). 2. The purpose and function positioning of the website construction 1. Why do you want to build a website? Is it to promote products, conduct e-commerce, or establish an industry website? Is it the needs of the enterprise or an extension of market development? 2. Integrate company resources and determine website functions. According to the needs and plans of the company, determine the functions of the website: product promotion type, online marketing type, customer service type, e-commerce type, etc. 3. According to the function of the website, determine the purpose and function that the website should achieve. 4. The construction of intranet and the scalability of the website. 3. Website technical solutions According to the functions of the website, technical solutions for the website are determined. 1. Use a self-built server or rent a virtual host. 2. Choose the operating system, use unix, Linux or Window2000/NT. Analyze input costs, functionality, development, stability and security, and more. 3. Adopt systematic solutions (such as IBM, HP) and other companies to provide enterprise Internet solutions and e-commerce solutions? Or develop it yourself. 4. Website security measures, anti-hacking and anti-virus programs. 5. Related program development. Such as web program ASP, JSP, CGI, database program, etc. 4. Website content planning 1. According to the purpose and function of the website, plan the website content. The general enterprise website should include: company profile, product introduction, service content, price information, contact information, online order and other basic content. 2. E-commerce websites should provide membership registration, detailed commodity service information, information search and query, order confirmation, payment, personal information confidentiality measures, and related assistance. 3. If there are many columns on the website, consider using a dedicated website programming person to be responsible for the relevant content. Note: Website content is the most important factor for a website to attract visitors, and information without content or practicality will not attract visitors who browse in a hurry. You can investigate the information that people want to read in advance, and investigate people's satisfaction with the content of the website after it is published, so as to adjust the content of the website in time. 5. Web design 1. Art design requirements for web design. Generally, the art design of web pages must be consistent with the overall image of the enterprise and must comply with CI norms. Pay attention to the color of the webpage, the application of pictures and layout planning, and maintain the overall consistency of the webpage. 2. When adopting new technologies, the geographical distribution, age group, network speed, and reading habits of the main target audience should be considered. 3. Formulate a webpage revision plan, such as a large-scale revision within six months to one year. 6. Website maintenance, etc. Website construction planning suggestions? 1. Market analysis before construction of website. Before building a website, it is necessary to understand a series of content such as market competitiveness, competitors' websites, analysis of its own conditions, and the ability to build a website; 2. The purpose and functional positioning of the enterprise's website construction. Why build a website? How does building a website help a company grow? What type of website do you need? These contents must be understood one by one; 3. Website technology solutions. What kind of functions can the website achieve? This must be understood, so as to be able to communicate with the website construction company on specific technical solutions; 4. Website content and implementation methods. What kind of blocks you want on the website (such as company profile, product display, contact us, etc.), and what form you want to present different modules, you must think clearly, so that it is convenient for technicians to realize; 5. Web design. The design of the webpage should take into account the matching of colors, the targeted consumer groups, the image of the enterprise, etc.; 6. Cost budget. The cost budget needs to start from three aspects, one is the scale of the enterprise, the other is the purpose of building the site, and the third is the approval of the superior; 7. Website maintenance. The time for website content update, adjustment, and server maintenance needs to be formulated; 8. Website testing. Careful and careful testing should be carried out before the website is released to ensure normal browsing and use; 9. Website release and promotion. The above is the main content of the website planning, according to different needs and purpose of building the site, the content will also increase or decrease. At the beginning of the construction of the website, careful planning must be carried out in order to achieve the expected purpose of building the website. A complete enterprise website construction plan planning book should include the above nine aspects. A complete corporate website construction plan plan is more helpful for the construction of a marketing website. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor on how to write a website planning book. I hope that the 2-point answer on how to write a website planning book will be useful to everyone.

How to write a website planning book and how to write a website design plan? , How to write a website planning book Fan Wen