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What is the sea of clouds in Huangshan? , Huangshan Cloud and Mist Pictures Daquan Vertical Screen

  • What is the sea of clouds in Huangshan? , Huangshan Cloud and Mist Pictures Daquan Vertical Screen
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descriptionHelloeveryone,todaytheeditorhaspaidattentiontoamoreinterestingtopic,whichisthequestionaboutHuangshan ...

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about Huangshan Cloud and Mist pictures, so the editor has compiled 2 related answers to introduce Huangshan Cloud and Mist pictures , let's take a look. What is the sea of clouds in Huangshan like? About Huangshan Cloud and Mist? What is the sea of clouds in Huangshan like? 1. Features: beauty, victory, fantasy, fantasy. Huangshan is the hometown of clouds and mist, with peaks as its body and clouds as its clothing. Its magnificent "sea of clouds" is famous for its beauty, victories, wonders and illusions. It can be seen all year round, especially in winter. 2. Introduction to Huangshan Sea of Clouds: The sea of clouds is one of the important landscapes of mountain scenery. The so-called sea of clouds refers to the cloud layer formed under certain weather conditions, and the height of the cloud top is lower than the height of the mountain top. When people bow their heads to the cloud layer on the top of the mountain, what they see is endless clouds, as if they are on the shore of the sea, with waves rising and falling. The peak is surging, the waves are splashing, and the turbulent waves are beating the shore. Therefore, this phenomenon is called "sea of clouds". Huangshan can see the sea of clouds only 51 days out of 365 days a year. The sea of clouds is the first wonder of Mount Huangshan. Huangshan has been known as the sea of clouds since ancient times. Among the four wonders of Huangshan, Yunhai is the first to be recommended. It can be seen that Yunhai is the magical beautician who dresses up this "fairyland on earth". The name of the mountain after the sea, who said it is not strange? The wonder is that it looks like the sea but not the sea, the mountain peaks are transformed into clouds and mist, the images are countless, and the imagination is even more endless! Additional information: Huangshan Mountain is high and deep, with luxuriant forests and heavy rainfall. It is close to the sea in the east and the Yangtze River in the north. A large amount of warm and humid air is constantly pouring in, so the humidity is high and there is a lot of water vapor. At the same time, the transpiration of forest trees increases the source of water vapor for the formation of fog. The air with a large amount of water rises due to the radiation cooling of the ground or the thermal effect of the terrain, resulting in adiabatic cooling and other reasons, so that the water condenses into clouds and mist, which diffuses among the peaks and valleys, and gathers in the five seas. Huangshan is the hometown of clouds and mists. There are 259 foggy days on average throughout the year, 285 days in the most year and 224 days in the least year. The most peculiar thing among the clouds and mist in Huangshan is the cloud of "spreading the sea", that is, the "sea of clouds" that people marvel at. Meteorology believes that only two kinds of clouds can form a sea of clouds: one is low clouds with a cloud base height below 2,500 meters; the other is clouds formed by orographic clouds or radiation fog. The low clouds are mainly stratocumulus. According to the meteorological data of Huangshan Guangming Peak, 97% of the sea of clouds is formed by stratocumulus between November and May of the next year. About Huangshan Cloud and Mist? Since ancient times, Mount Huangshan has become a sea of clouds. Huangshan is the hometown of clouds and mist. Its body is made of peaks and its clothing is made of clouds. good. According to the location of the sea of clouds, there are East China Sea, South China Sea, West Sea, North Sea and Tianhai in the whole mountain; while climbing Lianhua Peak, Tiandu Peak and Guangming Peak, you can see all the seas in your eyes, and appreciate "the sky is the shore when the sea ends, and the mountain climbs to the top". I am the peak". The sea of clouds can be seen in all high mountains, but the sea of clouds in Huangshan Mountain has its own characteristics. Strange peaks and rocks and ancient pines loom in the sea of clouds, which adds to the beauty. There are more than 200 days of cloud and fog in Huangshan in a year. When the water vapor rises or the fog does not disappear after the rain, a sea of clouds will be formed, which is magnificent and boundless. , Tiandu Peak and Guangmingding became isolated islands in the vast sea of clouds. The sun is shining, the clouds are whiter, the pines are greener, and the stones are more strange. Flowing clouds are scattered among the peaks, and the clouds come and go, changing unpredictablely. When the weather is calm and the sea is calm, the sea of clouds spreads across an expansive hectare, and the waves are as flat as a mirror, reflecting picturesque mountain shadows. . Suddenly, the wind was raging, the waves were rolling, rushing like a tide, mighty and mighty, and there were more flying currents, the whitecaps emptied, and the stormy waves beat the shore, like a thousand troops and horses sweeping the peaks. When the breeze is blowing, the clouds in all directions are slow, trickling, passing through the gaps between the peaks; the sea of clouds gradually dissipates, a ray of sunshine sprinkles gold and paints colors in the light places, and the ups and downs are fleeting in the thick places. Sunrise in the sea of clouds, sunset in the sea of clouds, ten thousand rays of light, gorgeous and colorful. The mangroves spread the clouds, and the red leaves float on the sea of clouds. This is a rare spectacle in Huangshan in late autumn. The Shuangjian peaks in the North Sea, when the sea of clouds passes by the peaks on both sides, flow out from between the two peaks and pour down, like a rushing river or a white Hukou waterfall. The endless power is another wonder of Huangshan. Yuping Tower overlooks the South China Sea, Qingliang Terrace overlooks the North Sea, Paiyun Pavilion overlooks the West Sea, Baie Ridge overlooks the East Sea, and Cheetah Peak overlooks the Sky Sea. Due to the topography of the valley, sometimes the West Sea is covered with clouds and fog, but there is misty blue smoke on the Baie Ridge. Layers of colorful leaves are dyed by golden light, and the North Sea is actually clear. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the cloud and fog pictures of Huangshan Mountain. I hope that the two-point answer about the cloud and fog pictures of Huangshan Mountain will be useful to everyone.

What is the sea of clouds in Huangshan? , Huangshan Cloud and Mist Pictures Daquan Vertical Screen