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Quasimodo, the character introduction of Notre Dame de Paris? , which novel is Quasimodo the main character?

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Hello everyone, today the editor has noticed a rather interesting topic, which is about Quasimodo, so the editor has compiled a related introduction card Simodo's answer, let's take a look. Character introduction of Notre Dame de Paris? Character introduction of Notre Dame de Paris? 1. The plot of Notre Dame de Paris always revolves around three people: the kind and beautiful girl Esmeralda, the cruel and hypocritical Notre Dame vicar Claude Frollo, and the ugly bell ringer Quasimo many. 2. Esmeralda is the darling of the vagabonds in Paris, and makes a living by performing on the streets. She is innocent and pure, compassionate and willing to help people. Because she couldn't bear to see an innocent person executed, she accepted the poet Gringoire as her nominal husband to save his life; seeing Quasimodo being flogged under the scorching sun, only she would sympathize and send water to the On the lips of the bellringer who cries out for thirst. Such a noble girl was slandered as a "witch" and "murderer" by the church and the court, and sentenced to hang. The author portrays this character as the embodiment of beauty and kindness, and makes her inner beauty and outer beauty completely unified, so as to arouse readers' infinite sympathy for her, and thus generate strong resentment towards the feudal church and royal power. 3. As for the vice bishop Claude and the bell ringer Quasimodo, these are two completely opposite images. On the surface, Claude is sanctimonious, living a life of austerity and abstinence, but in his heart he longs for lust and is full of envy for worldly enjoyment. Selfish, insidious, unscrupulous. And Quasimodo, the hunchback, one-eyed, deaf and crippled freak, was discriminated against and bullied by the world since he was a child. It was with Esmeralda that he experienced the warmth of the human heart for the first time. Since then, this vulgar and savage monster has placed his entire life and enthusiasm on Esmeralda, and he can go through fire and water for her. Sacrifice everything for her happiness. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Quasimodo. I hope that the 1-point answer about Quasimodo will be useful to everyone.

Quasimodo, the character introduction of Notre Dame de Paris? , which novel is Quasimodo the main character?